第1章 信息技术、互联网和你


    1. The keyboard, mouse display, and system unit are: 键盘、鼠标、显示器和系统单元是: hardware

  • 2.Programs that coordinate computer resources, provide an interface, and run applications are known as: 协调计算机资源、提供接口和运行应用程序的程序被称为: operating systems

    1. A browser is an example of a: 浏览器就是通用应用程序的一个例子 general-purpose application

    1. Although not as powerful as a supercomputer, this type of computer is capable of great processing speeds and data storage. 虽然没有超级计算机那么强大,但这种类型的计算机具有很高的处理速度和数据存储能力。 mainframe 大型计算机

    1. Apple' s Watch is what type of computer? 苹果手表是什么类型的电脑? wearable可穿戴

  • 6.RAM is a type of: RAM是存储器的一种 memory

    1. Unlike memory, this type of storage holds data and programs even after electrical power to the computer system has been turned off. 与内存不同的是,这种类型的存储即使在计算机系统断电后也能保存数据和程序 secondary

    1. The type of file created by word processors to save, for example, memos, term papers, and letters. 由文字处理程序创建的文件类型,如备忘录、学期论文和信件 document

    1. Uses the internet and the web to shift many computer activities from a user' scomputer to computers on the internet。 利用互联网和网络将许多计算机活动从用户的计算机转移到互联网上的计算机上。 cloud computing

    1. The largest network in the world is [the]: Internet


    1. Consists of the step-by-step instructions that tell the computer how to do its work. 程序由告诉计算机如何工作的一步步的指令组成。 f. program

  1. Another name for a program. 软件是程序的另一个名称。 g. software

  2. Enables the application software to interact with the computer hardware. 系统软件使应用软件与计算机硬件交互。 i. system software

  3. Type of computer that is small enough to fit on top of or alongside a desk yet is too big to carry around. 台式机一种足够小,可以放在桌子上面或旁边,但又太大而不能随身携带的电脑。 a. desktop

  4. A container that houses most of the electronic components that make up a computer system. 台式机一种足够小,可以放在桌子上面或旁边,但又太大而不能随身携带的电脑。 j. system unit

  5. Devices that translate the processed information from the computer into a form that humans can understand. 输出设备:将计算机处理过的信息转换成人类可以理解的形式。 d. output

  6. Unlike hard disks, this type of storage does not have any moving parts, is more reliable, and requires less power. 固态存储不同于硬盘,这种类型的存储没有任何活动部件,更可靠,需要更少的电力。 h. solid-state

  7. The most widely used communication device. 调制解调器:最广泛使用的通信设备。 b. modem

  8. A type of a file that might contain, for example, audience handouts, speaker notes, and electronic slides. 演示——一种可能包含听众讲义、演讲者笔记和电子幻灯片的文件类型 e. presentation

  9. A communications system connecting two or more computers. 网络:连接两台或两台以上计算机的通信系统。 c. network

  • 汉译英

    • 嵌入式操作系统[embedded operating system] 物联网[IoT] 显示器[monitor] 智能手机[smartphone] 专用应用软件[specialized application]

第2章 互联网、万维网和电子商务


    1. The network that connects computers all over the world. Internet 连接世界各地的计算机的网络。互联网公司

  1. The rules for exchanging data between computers. protocols 在计算机之间交换数据的规则。协议

  2. Using file transfer utility software, you can copy files to your computer from specially configured servers on the Internet. This is called: downloading 使用文件传输实用软件,您可以从互联网上特别配置的服务器复制文件到您的计算机。这将被称为: 正在下载

  3. Communities of individuals who share a common interest typically create Facebook: groups 有共同兴趣的个人的社区通常会创建脸书:群体

  4. Type of e-mail account that does not require an e-mail program to be installed on a user’s computer is: web-based 不需要在用户的计算机上安装电子邮件程序的电子邮件帐户的类型为: 基于网络的

  5. The most popular microblogging site: Twitter 最受欢迎的微博网站:推特

  6. Using a keyword, a search engine returns a list of related sites known as: hits 搜索引擎使用关键字,搜索引擎返回一个相关站点列表,称为:hits

  7. This is the Internet’s equivalent to traditional cash. digital cash 这是互联网相当于传统现金。数字式现金

  8. The continuing Internet development that allows objects to send and receive data over the Internet. 互联网的持续发展,允许对象通过互联网发送和接收数据。 IoT

  9. Three basic components to cloud computing are clients, Internet, and _. service providers 云计算的三个基本组件是客户端、互联网和_service提供商


    1. The most popular Internet activity. c. communicating 1.最受欢迎的互联网活动。 c.通信

  1. The most common way to access the Internet is through a(n). f. ISP 2.最常见的互联网接入方式是通过a(n)。 f.ISP信息处理系统

  2. Transmission of electronic messages over the Internet. d. e-mail 3.通过互联网传输电子信息。 d.电子邮件

  3. Two popular instant messaging services are Google Talk and Facebook _. a.chat 4.两种受欢迎的即时通讯服务是谷歌谈话网站和脸书_网站。 a.聊天室

  4. A business-oriented social networking site. g. LinkedIn 5.一个面向商业的社交网站。 g.领英

  5. Individual website to keep in touch with friends and family. j. blog 6.在个人网站,与朋友和家人保持联系。 j.博客

  6. Publishes short sentences that only take a few seconds to write. h. microblog 7.发布只需几秒钟就能写出来的短句子。 h.微博

  7. Maintain huge databases relating to information provided on the Web and the Internet. b. search services 8.维护与在网络和互联网上提供的信息相关的大型数据库。 b.搜索服务

  8. Electronic commerce involving individuals selling to individuals. b. C2C 9.涉及到个人销售给个人的电子商业。 b.C2C

  9. The basic components of cloud computing are clients, service providers, and the___. e. Internet 10.云计算的基本组成部分是客户端、服务提供商和 . e.互联网

第3章 应用程序软件


  • This type of software works with end users, application software, and computer Hardware to handle the majority of technical details. system 这种类型的软件可以与最终用户、应用程序软件和计算机硬件合作,以处理大部分的技术细节。 自动控制系统

  • A rectangular area that can contain a document, program, or message. window 可以包含文档、程序或消息的一种矩形区域。窗口

  • Programs that create textbased document. word processors 创建基于文本的文档的程序。文字处理器

  • Programs that organize, analyze, and graph numerical data such as budgets and financial reports. spreadsheets 组织、分析和绘制数字数据的程序,如预算和财务报告。 电子表格

  • Program that allows you to mix text and graphics to create publications of professional quality. desktop publishing 程序,允许您混合文本和图形,以创建专业质量的出版物。 桌面发布

  • The type of image that consists of geometric shapes. vector 由几何形状组成的图像的类型。矢量

  • An online diary or commentary. blog 一个在线日记或评论。博客

  • Programs that combine a variety of visual objects to create attractive, visually interesting presentations. presentation software 结合各种视觉对象,创建有人的,视觉上有趣的演示文稿的程序。 制作演示文稿的软件

  • Programs typically used to create sophisticated commercial websites. web authoring programs 程序通常用于创建复杂的商业网站。网页创作程序

  • Also known as an online office suite. cloud suite 也被称为在线办公套件。云计算套件


  • 1.Toolbars typically appear below the menu bar and include small graphic elements called _. a. buttons 1.工具栏通常出现在菜单栏下面,并包括名为_的小图形元素。 a.按钮

  1. Simplifies the process of making a selection from a list of alternatives by graphically displaying the effect of alternatives before being selected. d. galleries 2.通过图形化显示备选方案的效果,简化从备选方案列表中进行选择的过程。 d.画廊

  2. A general purpose program that creates text-based documents. j. word processor 3.一种创建基于文本的文档的通用程序。 j.文字处理器

  3. Program that organizes, analyzes, and graphs numeric data. g. spreadsheet 4.组织、分析和绘制数字数据的程序。 g.电子表格

  4. A collection of related data. c. database 5.一种相关数据的集合。 c.数据库

  5. Also known as a photo editor, this specialized graphics program edits or modifies digital photographs. e. image editor 6.也被称为照片编辑器,这个专门的图形程序可以编辑或修改数码照片。 e.图像编辑器

  6. Image editors create images made up of thousands of dots known as _. f. pixels 7.图像编辑器创建由数千个点组成的图像,点被称为_。 f.像素

  7. A Web site that provides access to specific mobile apps is known as an app _. h. store 8.提供访问特定移动应用程序的网站被称为应用程序_。 h.存储区

  8. A type of suite that is stored at a server on the Internet and is available anywhere you can access the Internet. b. cloud 9.一种存储在互联网上的服务器上的套件,可在任何你可以访问互联网的地方使用。 b.云计算

  9. A type of specialized suite that includes a variety of programs designed to make computing easier and safer. i. utility 10.一种专用的套件,它包括各种旨在使计算更容易、更安全的程序。 i.实用程序

第 4 章 系统软件


    1. What type of software works with users, application software, and computer hardware to handle the majority of technical details? system 1.什么类型的软件可以与用户、应用软件和计算机硬件一起工作能处理好大部分的技术细节吗?自动控制系统

  1. The programs that convert programming instructions written by programmers into a language that computers understand and process are language: translators 2.将程序员编写的编程指令转换成一种语言的程序计算机能理解和处理的语言是:翻译

  2. The ability to switch between different applications stored in memory is called: multitasking 3.在存储器中存储的不同应用程序之间切换的能力被称为:多任务处理

  3. Graphic representations for a program, type of file, or function: icon 4.程序、文件类型或函数的图形表示:图标

  4. This operating system feature is controlled by a mouse and changes shape depending on its current function. pointer 5.此操作系统功能由鼠标控制,并根据其当前功能更改形状。指针

  5. The operating system based on Linux, designed for Netbook computers, and focused on Internet connectivity through cloud computing: Chrome 6.基于Linux的操作系统,为上网本计算机设计,专注于通过云计算实现的互联网连接:谷歌

  6. The mobile operating system developed by Apple and originally called iPhone OS: iOS 7.由苹果公司开发的移动操作系统,最初被称为iPhone操作系统:iOS

  7. A utility program that copies all files in the libraries, contacts, favorites, and on the desktop: File History 8.复制库、联系人、收藏夹和桌面上的所有文件的实用程序:文件历史记录

  8. A troubleshooting utility that identifies and eliminates nonessential files, frees up valuable disk space, and improves system performance: Disk Cleanup 9.一个故障排除实用程序,可以识别和消除不必要的文件,释放有价值的磁盘空间,并提高了系统性能:磁盘清理

  9. BitDefender, and Norton are examples of: utility suites 10.BitDefendor和诺顿,例如:实用工具套件


    1. Programs that perform specific tasks related to managing computer resources. h. utilities 1.执行与管理计算机资源相关的特定任务的程序。 h.实用程序

  1. Restarting a running computer without turning off the power. j. warm boot 2.重新启动正在运行的计算机而不关闭电源。 j.保暖靴子

  2. Type of operating system that controls and coordinates networked computers. f. NOS 3.控制和协调联网计算机的操作系统的类型。 f.编号

  3. An operating system is often referred to as the software environment or___. g. platform 4.一个操作系统通常被称为软件环境或 . g.平台

  4. Switching between different applications. e. multitasking 5.在不同的应用程序之间进行切换。 e.多任务处理系统 6.A type of software that allows a single physical computer to operate as though it were two or more separate and independent computers. i. virtualization 6.一种软件,允许单台物理计算机像两个或两个更独立的计算机。 i.虚拟化 7.Mobile operating system that that is owned by Google and is one of the fastest-growing mobile operating systems. a. Android 7.由谷歌拥有的移动操作系统,是增长最快的移动操作系统之一。 a.安卓系统 8.Type of program that guards computer systems from viruses and other damaging programs. b. antivirus 8.保护计算机系统免受病毒和其他有害程序侵害的程序类型。 b.防病毒软件

  5. The operating system operating on each virtual machine ___. d. guest 9.在每个虚拟机上操作的操作系统 d.客人

  6. Program that works with the operating system to allow communication between a device and the rest of a computer system is called a device. c. driver 10.与操作系统一起工作的程序,允许设备和设备进行通信计算机系统的其余部分被称为设备。 c.驱动程序

第五章 系统单元


    1. This container houses most of the electrical components for a computer system. system unit 1.这个容器容纳了计算机系统的大部分电气部件。系统单元

  1. The most popular mobile device. smartphone 2.最流行的移动设备。智能手机

  2. The mainboard or motherboard is also known as the: system board 3.主板或主板也被称为:系统主板

  3. How many bytes can a 32-bit-word computer access at one time? 4 4.一个32位字的计算机一次可以访问多少个字节?4

  4. In a microcomputer system, the central processing unit is contained on a single: chip 5.在微机系统中,中央处理单元包含在单个:芯片上

  5. This type of memory divides large programs into parts and stores the parts on a secondary storage device. virtual 6.这种类型的存储器将大型程序分成部件,并将部件存储在辅助存储设备上。虚拟的

  6. Also known as NIC, this adapter card is used to connect a computer to a: network 7.此适配器卡也被称为NIC,用于将计算机连接到:网络

  7. This provides a pathway to connect parts of the CPU to each other. bus 8.这提供了一条将CPU的部分相互连接的途径。总线

  8. The specialized port that provides very high-speed connections for large secondary storage devices. eSATA 9.为大型二次存储设备提供非常高速连接的专用端口。埃塔

  9. Computers can only recognize this type of electronic signal. digital 10.计算机只能识别这类电子信号。数字的


    1. A type of multiprocessor chip that provides two or more separate and independent CPUs. c. multicore 1.提供两个或多个独立CPU的多处理器芯片。c.多核存储系统

  1. A type of memory that is volatile or loses its contents when power is turned off. f. random access 2.断电时易失性或丢失内容的内存类型。f.随机访问权限

  2. System board component that provides a connection point for specialized cards or circuit boards. g. slots 3.为专门的电路卡或电路板提供连接点的系统板组件。g.插槽

  3. Provide connection points for chips. h. sockets 4.提供芯片的连接点。h.插座

  4. A type of memory that improves processing by acting as a temporary high-speed holding area between the memory and the CPU. a. cache 5.一种通过作为临时高速保持区域来提高处理能力的存储器在内存和CPU之间。a.高速缓存

  5. A type of memory that provides a combination of features of RAM and ROM. b. flash 6.一种提供RAM和ROM功能组合的存储器。b.闪存

  6. Another name for a network adapter card. d. NIC 7.网络适配器卡的另一个名称。d.网电路

  7. This bus connects the CPU to memory on the system board. i. system 8.此总线将CPU连接到主板上的内存上。i.系统

  8. This port can be used to connect many USB devices to the system. j. USB 9.此端口可用于将许多USB设备连接到系统。j.USB接口

  9. A socket for external devices to connect to the sys- tem unit e. port 10.可连接到系统单元的外部设备的插座e.端口

第六章 输入和输出


    1. Most keyboards use an arrangement of keys known as: QWERTY 1.大多数键盘使用一种键的排列,被称为:qwerty

  1. The device that controls a pointer displayed on the monitor. mouse 2.控制监视器上显示的指针的设备。鼠标的控制键

  2. The type of screen that can be touched with more than one finger and supports zooming in and out by pinching and stretching your fingers. multitouch 3.可以用多个手指触摸并通过捏和拉伸手指来支持放大和缩小的屏幕类型。多点触控技术

  3. Flatbed and document are types of: scanners 4.平板电脑和文档的类型为:扫描仪

  4. Device used by banks to automatically read those unusual numbers on the bottom of checks and deposit slips. MICR 5.银行使用的自动读取支票和存款单底部那些异常数字的设备。微米的

  5. The most widely used audio-input device. microphone 6.使用最广泛的音频输入设备。麦克风

  6. The monitor feature that indicates the ability to display colors. contrast ratio 7.指示能够显示颜色的显示器功能。对比度

  7. Mobile devices able to store and display electronic media. e-book readers 8.能够存储和显示电子媒体的移动设备。电子书阅读器

  8. Virtual reality strives to create this type of experience. immersive 9.虚拟现实会努力创造出这种类型的体验。沉浸式的

  9. The study of human factors related to things people use is: ergonomics 10.对人类使用的人类因素的研究是:人体工程学


    1. Pressing this key turns a feature on or off. i. toggle key 1.按此键将打开或关闭一个功能。i.切换键 2.Input device that controls a pointer that is displayed on the monitor. e. mouse 2.控制显示器上显示的指针的输入设备。e.鼠标

  1. A penlike device commonly used with tablet PCs and PDAs. h. stylus 3.一种通常与平板电脑和掌上电脑一起使用的笔状设备。h.手写笔

  2. Bar code readers use either handheld wand readers or platform. g. scanners 4.条形码阅读器可以使用手持式魔杖读取器或平台。g.扫描仪

  3. Bar code system used by many electronic cash registers. j. UPC 5.许多电子收银机使用的条形码系统。j.UPC系统

  4. Records images digitally on a on a disk or its memory b. digital camera 6.在磁盘或其内存上以数字方式记录图像b.数码相机

  5. The distance between each pixel. c. dot pitch 7.每个像素之间的距离。c.点间距 8.A monitor feature that is measured by the diagonal length of the viewing area. a. active-display area 8.用观察区域的对角线长度测量的监视器功能。a.活动显示区域

  6. Special-purpose printers for creating maps, images, and architectural and engineering drawings. f. plotters 9.用于创建地图、图像、建筑和工程图纸的专用打印机。f.绘图仪

  7. Another name for an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). d. drone 10.无人机(无人机)的另一个名称。d.无人机

第七章 二级存储


    1. RAM is sometimes referred to as: primary storage 1.RAM有时被称为:主存储器

  1. The actual physical material that holds the data and programs. capacity 2.保存数据和程序的实际物理材料。装机容量

  2. Measures how tightly the magnetic charges can be packed next to one another on the disk. density 3.测量磁荷在磁盘上的紧密程度。密度

  3. When a read-write head makes contact with the hard disk’s surface, it causes a head: crash 4.当读写磁头与硬盘表面接触时,会导致磁头:崩溃

  4. This hard-disk performance enhancement anticipates data needs. disk caching 5.这种硬盘性能增强预期了数据需求。磁盘高速缓存

  5. This type of storage uses pits and lands to represent 1s and 0s. optical 6.这种类型的存储使用坑和土地代表1和0。光学上的

  6. DVD stands for: digital versatile disc 7.DVD代表:数字多功能光盘

  7. USB drives are also known as: flash drives 8.USB驱动器也被称为:闪存驱动器

  8. An organizational strategy to promote efficient and safe use of data across the networks. enterprise storage system 9.促进跨网络有效和安全使用数据的组织策略。企业级存储系统

  9. Specialized high-capacity secondary storage devices designed to meet organizational demands. mass storage devices 10.旨在满足组织需求的专用高容量二次存储设备。海量存储设备


    1. Provides permanent or nonvolatile storage. e. secondary storage 1.提供永久存储器或非易失性存储器。e.辅助存储器

  1. Hardware that reads data and programs from storage media. i. storage devices 2.从存储介质中读取数据和程序的硬件。i.存储设备

  2. Concentric rings on a hard-disk platter. j. tracks 3.放在一个硬盘拼盘上的同心圆环。j.轨道

  3. Each track is divided into invisible wedge-shaped sections called _ . f. sectors 4.每条轨道都被分成看不见的楔形部分,称为_。f.扇区

  4. Increases storage capacity by reducing the amount of space required to store data and programs. b. file compression 5.通过减少存储数据和程序所需的空间量来增加存储容量。b.文件压缩

  5. Optical disc most common on today’s personal computers. a. DVD 6.在当今的个人电脑上最常见的光盘。a.DVD

  6. The next generation of optical discs. c. hi-def 7.下一代的光盘。c.高清音响

  7. Similar to internal hard-disk drives except they use solid-state memory. g. solid-state drives 8.与内部硬盘驱动器类似,除了它们使用固态内存。g.固态驱动器

  8. Mass storage device widely used for home and small business storage. d. network attached storage 9.大规模存储设备,广泛用于家庭和小型企业的存储。d.网络连接的存储器

  9. Architecture to link remote storage devices to computers such that the devices are as available as locally attached drives. h. storage area network 10.将远程存储设备连接到计算机的体系结构,使这些设备与本地连接的驱动器一样可用。h.存储区域网

第八章 通信和网络


  • 1.The concept related to using computer networks to link people and resources. connectivity

  • 1.与使用计算机网络连接人和资源有关的概念。连接性

  • 2.A high-frequency transmission cable that delivers television signals as well as connects computers in a network. coaxial

  • 2.一种提供电视信号并在网络中连接计算机的高频传输电缆。同轴式的

  • 3.A short-range radio communication standard that transmits data over short distances of up to approximately 33 feet. Bluetooth

  • 3.一种短程无线电通信标准,通过大约33英尺的短距离传输数据。蓝牙技术

  • 4.The speed with which a modem transmits data is called its: transfer rate

  • 4.调制解调器传输数据的速度被称为:传输速率

  • 5.The bandwidth typically used for DSL, cable, and satellite connections to the Internet. broadband

  • 5.通常用于DSL、电缆和卫星连接到互联网的带宽。宽带技术

  • 6.Every computer on the Internet has a unique numeric address called a(n): IP address

  • 6.互联网上的每台计算机都有一个唯一的数字地址,称为a(n):IP地址

  • 7.Sometimes referred to as a LAN adapter, these expansion cards connect a computer to a network. NIC

  • 7.这些扩展卡有时被称为局域网适配器,它将计算机连接到网络上。网克

  • 8.A device that allows one LAN to be linked to other LANs or to larger networks. network gateway

  • 8.一种允许一个局域网连接到其他局域网或更大型网络的设备。网络网关

  • 9.Typically using Wi-Fi technology, these wireless access points are available from public places such as coffee shops, libraries, bookstores, colleges, and universities. hotspots

  • 9.这些无线接入点通常使用Wi-Fi技术,这些无线接入点可以从公共场所,如咖啡馆、图书馆、书店、学院和大学获得。研究热点地区

  • 10.Bus, ring, star, tree, and mesh are five types of network: topologies

  • 10.总线、环形、星形、树形和网格是五种类型的网络:拓扑结构


    1. Type of network topology in which each device is connected to a common cable called a backbone. b. bus 1.网络拓扑的类型。b.总线

  1. A widely used Internet protocol. i. TCP/IP 2.一种广泛使用的互联网协议。i.技术P

  2. Uses high-frequency radio waves. d. microwave 3.使用高频无线电波。d.微波技术

  3. Signals that are continuous electronic waves. a. analog 4.作为连续电子波的信号。a.模拟设备

  4. Rules for exchanging data between computers. h. protocols 5.在计算机之间交换数据的规则。h.协议

  5. Any device that is connected to a network. f. node 6.已连接到网络的任何设备。f.节点

  6. A computer specialist responsible for efficient network operations and implementation of new networks. e. network administrator 7.负责高效的网络操作和实施新网络的计算机专家。e.网络管理员

  7. This network, also known as a hierarchical network, is often used to share corporatewide data. j. tree 8.这个网络,也被称为层次网络,通常用于共享公司范围内的数据。j.目录树

  8. In this network, nodes have equal authority and can act as both clients and servers. g. peer-to-peer 9.在这个网络中,节点具有同等的权限,并且可以同时充当客户端和服务器。g.对等的

  9. Work with firewalls to protect an organization’s network. c. intrusion detection systems 10.使用防火墙来保护组织的网络。c.入侵检测系统

第九章 隐私、安全和道德


    1. The three primary privacy issues are accuracy, property, and: Access 1.三个主要的隐私问题是准确性、属性和:访问

  1. Highly detailed and personalized descriptions of individuals are electronic: profiles 2.高度详细和个性化的个人描述是电子化的:配置文件

  2. Browsers store the locations of sites visited in a: history file 3.浏览器存储在a中访问的站点的位置:a.历史记录文件

  3. The browser mode that ensures your browsing activity is not recorded. privacy 4.确保不记录浏览活动的浏览器模式。隐私权

  4. The information that people voluntarily post in social networking sites, blogs, and photo- and video-sharing sites is used to create their: online identity 5.人们自愿在社交网站、博客、照片和视频分享网站上发布的信息被用来创建他们的:在线身份

  5. Computer criminals who create and distribute malicious programs. crackers 6.创建和分发恶意程序的计算机罪犯b.Cracker是以破解各种加密或有限制的商业软件为乐趣的人

  6. Programs that come into a computer system disguised as something else are called: Trojan horses 7.伪装成其他东西进入计算机系统的程序被称为:a.特洛伊木马

  7. The use of the Internet, cell phones, or other devices to send or post content intended to hurt or embarrass another person is known as: cyberbullying 8.使用互联网、手机或其他设备发送或发布旨在伤害他人或使他人难堪的内容,被称为:a.网络欺凌

  8. Special hardware and software used to control access to a corporation’s private network is known as a(n): firewall 9.用于控制对公司私有网络的访问的特殊硬件和软件称为(n):c.防火墙

  9. To prevent copyright violations, corporations often use: DRM 10.为了防止侵犯版权,公司经常使用:b.DRM


    1. Privacy concern that relates to the responsibility to ensure correct data collection. a. accuracy 1.与确保正确收集责任相关的隐私问题。a.精度

  1. Individuals who collect and sell personal data. e. information brokers 2.收集和销售个人数据的个人。e.信息经纪人

  2. Small data files deposited on your hard disk from websites you have visited. c. cookies 3.从访问的网站存在硬盘上的小数据文件。c.痕迹

  3. Wide range of programs that secretly record and report an individual’s activities on the Internet. i. spyware 4.在互联网上秘密记录和报告个人活动的各种程序。i.间谍软件

  4. Malicious programs that damage or disrupt a com puter system. f. malware 5.破坏计算机系统的恶意程序。f.恶意软件

  5. Infected computers that can be remotely controlled. j. zombies 6.可以被远程控制的被感染的计算机。j.僵尸

  6. Used by scammers to trick Internet users with official-looking websites. g. phishing 7.被骗子用来用官方外观的网站欺骗互联网用户。g.网络钓鱼服务

  7. A type of scanning device such as fingerprint and iris (eye) scanner. b. biometric 8.一种扫描装置,如指纹和虹膜(眼)扫描仪。b.生物特征学特征

  8. Process of coding information to make it unread able except to those who have a key. d. encryption 9.编码信息的过程,使它能够不读取,除了那些有一个密钥。d.加密

  9. An ethical issue relating to using another person’s work and ideas as your own without giving credit to the original source. h. plagiarism 10.关于将他人的工作和想法作为你自己的而不相信原始来源的伦理问题。h.剽窃

第10章 信息系统


    1. Which of the basic organizational functions records all financial activity from billing customers to paying employees? a. accounting 1.哪些基本组织职能记录了从计费客户到付费员工的所有财务活动?a.会计核算

  1. What managerial level has information flow that is vertical, horizontal, and external? a. top 2.什么管理级别具有垂直、水平和外部的信息流?a.顶部

  2. Which computer-based information system uses data from TPS and analytical tools to support middle managers? c. DSS 3.哪种基于计算机的信息系统使用来自TPS的数据和分析工具来支持中间管理人员?a.经验

  3. Accounts payable refers to money the company owes its suppliers for materials and services it has: d. received 4.应付账款是指公司欠其供应商的材料和服务的款项:d.已收到的信息

  4. What accounting activity keeps track of all summaries of all transactions? b. general ledger 5.哪些会计活动可记录所有交易的所有摘要?b.总账

  5. What accounting statement lists the overall financial condition of an organization? a. balance sheet 6.哪些会计报表列出了一个组织的总体财务状况?a.资产负债表

  6. What type of report is produced at regular intervals? d. periodic 7.定期生产什么类型的报告?d.周期性的

  7. A DSS consists of four parts: user, system software, decision models, and: b. data 8.DSS由四个部分组成:用户、系统软件、决策模型和:b.数据

  8. What type of worker is involved with the distribution, communication, and creation of information? c. information 9.什么类型的员工参与了信息的分发、通信和创建?c.相关信息

  9. What type of program is designed to schedule, plan, and control project resources? c. project managers 10.计划、计划和控制项目资源?c.项目经理


    1. Function that plans, prices, promotes, sells, and dis tributes the organization’s goods and services. c. marketing 1.计划、价格、促进、销售和分发贡献组织商品和服务的功能。c.市场营销活动

  1. Managerial level where information flow is vertical and horizontal. d. middle 2.信息流,垂直和水平的管理水平。d.中间的

  2. Computer-based information system that uses data from TPS to support middle-level managers. e. MIS 3.基于计算机的信息系统,使用来自TPS的数据来支持中层管理器。e.管理系统

  3. The accounting activity that records the customer requests for the company’s products or services is sales order _. g. processing 4.记录客户对公司产品或服务的请求的会计活动是销售订单_。g.处理过程

  4. The accounting activity concerned with calculating employee paychecks. f. payroll 5.与计算员工工资单有关的会计活动。f.工资单

  5. MIS produces this type of report. h. standardized 6.MIS将生成这类报告。h.标准化版

  6. A type of report that calls attention to unusual events. b. exception 7.一种能引起人们注意的不寻常事件的报告。b.异常

  7. Type of software that works behind the scenes to handle detailed operating procedures. i. system 8.在幕后工作以处理详细操作程序的软件的类型。i.自动控制系统

  8. Type of worker who is involved with the distribu tion and communication of information. a. data 9.参与部门□和信息交流的工人类型。a.数据

  9. Computer system that allows people located at vari ous geographic locations to communicate and have in-person meetings. j. videoconferencing 10.计算机系统,允许位于不同地理位置的人们进行面对面会议的交流。j.视频会议

第11章 数据库


    1. Facts or observations about people, places, things, and events are: a. data 1.关于人、地方、事物和事件的事实或观察是:a.数据

  1. The most basic logical data element such as a single letter, number, or special character is known as a(n): a. character 2.最基本的逻辑数据元素,如单个字母、数字或特殊字符,称为(n):a.字符

  2. Each record in a database has at least one distinctive field, called the: a. key field 3.数据库中的每个记录都至少有一个独特的字段,称为:a.关键字字段

  3. One element of database security is to provide only authorized users with: c. passwords 4.数据库安全的一个要素是仅向授权用户提供:c.密码

  4. The bridge between the logical and physical views of the data is provided by: a. DBMS 5.数据的逻辑视图和物理视图之间的桥梁由:a.数字数据库

  5. Highly trained computer specialists who interact with the data administration subsys tem are known as: c. database administrators 6.与数据管理子系统交互的训练有素的计算机专家被称为:c.数据库管理员

  6. In a network database, each child node may have more than one parent node; this is known as a: b. many-to-many relationship 7.在网络数据库中,每个子节点可以有多个父节点,这称为:b.多对多的关系

  7. Connections between parent nodes and child nodes are provided by: d. pointers 8.父节点和子节点之间的连接由:d.指针

  8. Two of the most significant advantages of multidimensional databases over relational databases are processing speed and: a. conceptualization 9.多维数据库比关系数据库更最显著的两个优点是处理速度和:a.概念化的概念

  9. Object-oriented databases organize data by classes, attributes, methods, and: a. objects 10.面向对象的数据库按类、属性、方法和以下方式组织数据:a.对象


    1. View that focuses on the actual format and location of the data. f. physical 1.重点关注数据的实际格式和位置的视图。f.物理的

  1. Group of related characters. d. field 2.一组相关字符。d.字段

  2. Type of processing in which data is collected over several hours, days, or even weeks and then pro cessed all at once. b. batch 3.在数小时、几天甚至数周收集数据然后一次处理□的处理类型。b.批次

  3. A data problem that often occurs when individual departments create and maintain their own data. g. redundancy 4.当各个部门创建和维护自己的数据时,经常发生的一种数据问题。g.冗余度

  4. Another name for a data dictionary. i. schema 5.数据字典的另一个名称。i.模式

  5. Type of database structure where fields or records are structured in nodes that are connected like the branches of an upside-down tree. e. hierarchical 6.数据库结构的类型,其中字段或记录的节点,如倒置树的分支。e.层次结构

  6. Type of database structure where the data elements are stored in different tables. h. relational 7.将数据元素存储在不同表中的数据库结构的类型。h.是关系型的

  7. Two of the most significant advantages of multi dimensional databases are conceptualization and processing _. j. speed 8.多维数据库的两个最显著的优点是概念化和处理_。j.速度

  8. Object-oriented databases organize data by classes, objects, methods, and _. a. attributes 9.面向对象的数据库按类、对象、方法和_来组织数据。a.属性

  9. Type of database that uses communication networks to link data stored in different locations. c. distributed 10.使用通信网络链接存储在不同位置的数据的数据库类型。c.已分布的

第12章 系统分析与设计


    1. An information system is a collection of hardware, software, people, procedures, the Internet, and: a. data 1.信息系统是一个包含硬件、软件、人员、程序、互联网等方面的集合:a.数据

  1. What is the first phase in the systems life cycle? b. preliminary investigation 2.系统生命周期中的第一阶段是什么?b.初步调查

  2. Which phase involves installing the new system and training people? d. systems implementation 3.哪个阶段包括安装新系统和培训人员?d.系统的实现

  3. This phase is concerned about determining system requirements not with design. b. systems analysis 4.本阶段涉及确定系统需求,而不是涉及设计。b.系统分析

  4. Which systems analysis tool shows the relationship between input and output documents? c. grid chart 5.哪些系统分析工具显示了输入文档和输出文档之间的关系?c.网格图

  5. These tools relieve the systems analysts of many repetitive tasks, develop clear docu mentation, and, for larger projects, coordinate team member activities. b. CASE 6.这些工具减轻了系统分析人员的许多重复性任务,开发清晰的文档增强,并且,对于更大的项目,协调团队成员的活动。b.案例

  6. Which phase is concerned with economic, technical, and operational feasibility? c. systems design 7.哪个阶段涉及经济、技术和运营可行性?c.系统设计

  7. What type of feasibility evaluates whether the people within the organization will embrace or resist a new system? c. operational 8.什么类型的可行性可以评估组织内的人员是否会接受或抵制一个新系统?c.的可操作性信息

  8. Which approach to conversion begins by trying out a new system in only one part of an organization? b. pilot 9.哪种转换方法从仅在组织的一部分中尝试一个新系统开始?b.试点项目

  9. An alternative to the systems life cycle approach using powerful development software, small specialized teams, and highly trained personnel. d. RAD 10.使用强大的开发软件、小型专业团队和训练有素的人员的系统生命周期方法的替代方法。d.雷达


    1. Systems analysis and design is a six-phase problem solving procedure for examining and improving an information _. h. system 1.系统分析和设计是一个六个阶段的问题□解决过程,用于检查和改进信息_。h.系统

  1. Systems life cycle phase that studies the present system in depth. a. analysis 2.系统的生命周期阶段,深入研究目前的系统。a.分析

  2. Systems analysis involves suggesting alternative _. g. solutions 3.系统分析包括建议替代的_。g.解决方案

  3. The last and ongoing phase of the systems life cycle is systems _. e. maintenance 4.系统生命周期的最后一个和正在进行的阶段是系统_。e.的维护

  4. The document that shows the levels of management and formal lines of authority is an _. j. organization char 5.显示管理级别和正式权限线的文档是一个_。j.组织字符

  5. This phase begins with designing alternative systems. i. systems design 6.该阶段从设计替代系统开始。i.系统设计

  6. Another name for systems implementation. b. conversion 7.系统实现的另一个名称。b.转换

  7. The phase in which the old system is replaced and training begins. d. implementation 8.更换旧系统和开始培训的阶段。d.实现

  8. The four approaches to conversion are parallel, pilot, phased, and _. c. direct 9.这四种转换方法是并行的、试点的、分阶段的和_的。c.直接处理

  9. The approach in which the new system is implemented gradually over a period of time. f. phased 10.新系统在一段时间内逐步实施的方法。f.是分阶段进行的

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